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Mónica A. Walker began dancing in 2001. She trained as a belly dancer under the Faharna Dancers in Gainesville, Florida until 2004. In 2004 she returned home to Spain and continued taking classes in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid, Spain). She also began teaching beginner belly dance classes in her hometown, Torres de la Alameda, where she mixed brief lectures on the history and origins of the dance with a study of the basic movements and a final choreography. In 2005 she moved to Budapest, Hungary, where she continued exploring traditional belly dancing under a Hungarian teacher, Zsuzsanna. When she returned to Madrid in 2006 she continued teaching belly dance classes and studying with some of the most well-known belly dancers in Spain: Gloria Alba and Sonia Sampayo. It was during this time that she began to expand her dance vocabulary to include Bollywood under the guidance of the great Khayma Theodorakis in Madrid, devoting three years to the study of this dance. While in England in 2009, Monica studied with Jayla, former Miss Azerbaijan and a professional belly dancer, and with Kimberly McCoy, Tribal Fusion belly dancer. In 2011 she moved to Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, where she continued taking classes in folkloric belly dancing with Johara Kolishenko and Hiba Al-Kinani, as well as Bollywood classes with Faith. She also studied Tribal Fusion belly dance with Rebecca Balaz, Burlesque with Sassy Ray, and took adult jazz classes. Monica has also attended numerous belly dance workshops with many famous teachers. Since January 2014 Monica has been studying ballroom dance. Also in 2014, she joined the Crescent Moon Dance Company in Louisville, Kentucky, where she currently resides. Mónica has repeatedly performed in several venues as part of a troupe or as a soloist. She hopes to continue expanding her dancing vocabulary to include Central Asian dance, and is especially intrigued by Persian and Turkish dance.