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Laura began studying music before she learned to read and her main educational background was in classical and ethnic music. However, she always had an unmapped passion for dancing, and she danced whenever there was music playing. It wasn’t a career goal, necessarily, but it was something that always inspired her and made her happy.

As a student at the National University of Film and Drama in the musical theater program, Laura studied ballet and historical (period) dance spanning from medieval to early-20th-century and into the modern times. She loved every minute of it, from the warm-ups to the lessons, from the endless practice to the performance on stage or in the TV studio. Going through the various dance periods, she gained a better understanding of the meaning and importance of movement, costumes and fashion, and human behavior in the medieval, renaissance, and baroque eras, as well as in the 19th and 20th centuries. Ethnic and modern dance have also played a significant part in her overall cultural development as an artist.

Laura considers herself fortunate to have had a rewarding 25-year-long musical career that included stage performances, teaching, and voice coaching. Throughout her career, movement and dance were always present as a glue for every performance or as a tool to unlock her students’ potential and minimize their inhibitors.

Laura joined the Crescent Moon Dancers in 2008 when a good friend introduced her to the Company. She was intrigued by the various styles of dancing, somewhat foreign to her native Romanian culture, yet also familiar. She found many commonalities and emotional connections in the Central Asian dances with her Eastern European culture and discovered many influences reflected across styles, proving once again that music and dance are indeed the universal language of the world. Laura is also one of the seamstresses for the Company.