Uzbek Dance – FerganaDSC_0100 (Small)

Location: Fergana Valley, Uzbekistan

In Uzbekistan, the dances from the Fergana Valley are the most delicate, fluid, and lyrical of the 3 major styles of Uzbek dance (the other 2 major styles are Bukharan and Khorezm). All of the classical dances of Uzbekistan, such as “Tanovar” and “Munadjat,” are done in the Fergana style, as it is considered to be the only pure form of Uzbek dance. These classical dances usually reflect a combination of the harsh reality of a woman’s life and a longing for union with the Beloved/Devine. The most distinguishing costume pieces of the classical dances in the Fergana style are the “Tilya Kosh,” or “Golden Eyebrows,” a heavily jeweled golden diadem that accentuates the line of the eyebrows, which are a very important aesthetic feature in Persian and Central Asian culture, and the “Zebigardon,” a heavily jeweled, golden pectoral ornament.