Uzbek Dance – Bukharanbukharan_01 (Small)

Location: Bukhara, Uzbekistan

The Bukharan style is the boldest and proudest of the 3 major styles of Uzbek dance (the other 2 major styles are Ferghana and Khorezm). The most popular dancers at the courts of the emirs were from Bukhara. Some of our Bukharan dances are done in the style of the “Sozanda” (sah-zan-dah’). The “Sozandas” are the professional female singers, dancers, and musicians who entertain at the women’s wedding parties and other celebrations in Uzbekistan. Traditionally, they would recite poetry, sing, dance, and accompany themselves only with percussion instruments such as the “Doira,” a round frame drum, “Zang,” the bells they often wear on their wrists and ankles, and “Kairok,” pairs of matched river stones held in each hand, and played much like castenets. Some of the distinguishing features of the Bukharan dancer’s costume are the large, voluminous overdress, called a “Kurta,” the tall “Peshanabande,” or hat, and the long “Peshkurta,” or “front of the dress,” both of which are heavily ornamented with gold embroidery.