Turkish Folk Dance – Wedding Suite

Location: Elazig, Turkey

These folk dances are from Elazig (E’laza), which is in the Eastern Anatolia region of Turkey. “Chayda Chira” (“Tea Kindling”) is a candle dance done first by the women leading the bride to her henna party on the night before the wedding, then by both men and women leading the bride to the ceremony on the day of the wedding. “Halay” (“many people together”) is a line dance done with lines of men, women, or alternating men and women. There are many songs used for the “Halay,” and each song has its own specific steps for the dance. “Delilo” (“Crazy Guy”) is another type of line dance that is much more intricate than the “Halay.” Another difference is that the dancers are not always in contact with each other as they are in the Halay. “Delilo” and “Halay” are popular as mixer dances for the younger people.